stuff happened

i abandoned my blog as predicted, but i’m back within a month(ish) which is almost progress, for me. i have also requested my old myspace blogs, so prepare for a joyful and terrible blog post of teenage embarrassment when that archive arrives.

i’ve been sick again, with my gallbladder (for which i have a scan on the 14th of december) and a bad chest infection that i stupidly prolonged by going in to work. i had mad fevers and trouble breathing, was sleeping on the desk at lunchtimes because i didn’t want to lose the wages from unpaid sick days, which is ridiculous because i ended up much, much sicker than if i’d just sucked it up, taking the paycut and stayed home.

the end result of all this is that after a week of meetings, crying, sleepless nights and unprecedented levels of anxiety, i got sacked for being off sick. the company i worked for was fairly small and couldn’t afford it, which to some extent fills me with Angry Socialist feelings because i feel a bit punished for things beyond my control, even though the company did it all very nicely.

it’s really early days – i have a week of gardening leave starting tomorrow, so i’m not technically unemployed yet even. i feel alternately in decent spirits and super down and useless. i feel daunted by how much stuff i have to do! you’d think i could settle down and have a lovely just-sacked sulk but no, there’s all kinds of applications and processes i have to start if i want to keep my house and stay in the same city as my friends and my life.

at least i’ll probably have time for this pointless blog now! silver linings etc.


Author: Eve Moriarty

Eve Elizabeth Moriarty is a poet, performer, compère and full time human being. Expect bad jokes, literary overthinking and the sort of navel gazing you'd expect from a girl with a My Chemical Romance tattoo.

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